Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Smaller town life

We recently moved to a smaller town in Georgia. As much as I will miss premium shopping around every corner, great restaurants, and first class cultural events, I really have become spoiled to a slower pace. It takes 3 minutes for me to get to my tutoring job. We went out for my birthday to Outback. It took less than 5 minutes, and we had so much time before the movie, we could come home and chill. My mother in law watched the baby all day while I went to the spa and shopping, and I could be home in time for each feeding. The best thing is the openness of the people we meet. The owner of the spa I enjoyed attends my new church. She waited to meet up with me to say hello at church the next day. Both the owner and the receptionist gave me hug when I left. Last week, a gentleman about my dad's age complemented J and gushed about being a parent. He said your children will become the people with whom you most want to spend time. And one street in a subdivision we looked in had a street called "Andy Griffith Way". Just a little Mayberry, I guess.

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