Monday, August 25, 2008

Window on the World

Since I have moved to a new town and become a mom, the Internet has become my connection to the outside world and my link to a social circle. Honestly, facebook is my addiction. I may have to "fast" from it because it's my only hobby right now! Day to day life right now is feed J, play with J, put J down. Repeat every 3 hours. Do dishes, fold laundry, play on computer. I am on my own because A-train (husband's nickname) is out of town this week. Very quiet. I did prop a chair by the front door like my mom did when our dad was away. I guess you do become your mother.

I'll have to set goals for my week because I could easily stay in my pj's until noon everyday and watch bad daytime television until my eyes glaze over. I did call the MOPS contact in our area to sign up for membership. I am really looking forward to any type of socialization with women my age. I don't need many friends nearby, but I do need one.

Well, it's time to engage in real life, i.e get dressed and pick up.


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