Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The expression says it all!

Me, Mamaw, Jay, and Dad

True fall weather has finally arrive to middle Georgia, and I believe it's here to stay. J and I are going to a playdate tomorrow with our MOPS groups, which has been thankfully moved indoors. However, that means no hayride! And no pumpkins! How will I live without a pumpkin patch picture? Will they revoke my mommy license?

Though day to day life may seem repetitive at times, J more than makes up for it. He loves to be "flown" around and picked up by his ankles. That was his dad's doing, of course.

Something that I have realized about being a new parent is, and this is very profound, no two babies are alike. Really. I have about 4 baby books such as Your Baby Week by Week, Focus on the Family, Caring for your Baby and Young Child and Babywise. And though time tested principles have proven helpful, such as the wake-feed-sleep philosophy of Babywise, it is just not the Gospel truth. Every day is different. And even though we are still working towards sleeping through the night consistently, this does not mean I am a failure. Or that there is anything wrong with J. And rocking him to sleep works for us. So there, all you experts! Can you tell I'm a little sensitive?

I end with some more pictures from this last week. Enjoy, my readership of 4!

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