Thursday, November 6, 2008

Doctor's visit and a new label

Question: If I think of Facebook status updates when I am engaged in ordinary activities, does this make me an Internet addict? Jaybird is... unsure.

Our main activity this week has been to the pediatrician to see if the reflux medicine is working for Jay. In my zeal not to over-medicate my firstborn, I was giving him .2 ML of medicine instead of the 2 ML he was prescribed. Oops. Pay attention to decimals, kids. The doctor prescribed kiddie Prevacid because Jay is still experiencing a good bit of irritation due to his reflux. The good news is that he now weighs over 17 pounds! This means he has doubled his birth weight and we can really get going on more solid food.

As to labels: Jay could be dubbed a TRAINED NIGHTTIME CRIER. Dum, Dum, Dum. How could a conscientious young mother allow this to happen??? When Jay was around 3 months, I enacted the "cry it out" method to help him break the habit of waking up and demanding food. I would let him cry for 10 minutes, comfort him, leave, and repeat. If it didn't work, he'd eat. After about a week, he was sleeping through the night fairly regularly. This lasted almost a month.

For the last two months, I have been comforting Jay with feeding and/or rocking due to many variables. Growth spurt. Wet himself. Trapped gas. Spit up. Plain mad.

This has caused what my doctor dubbed his "mommy fix". Thus, we begin the journey to Jay's becoming a TRAINED NIGHTTIME SLEEPER. Which means I sit and watch the clock while he whimpers and wails. I was up twice around 1:00 a.m. last night. He faked me out and fell into a light sleep only to change his mind a few minutes later. However, I did not rock or feed the little one. When he awoke again around 5:30, I had no more fight in me. Thankfully, he was down again to 7. All this is to say that I made myself a "comfort prop" for my baby. Brazen woman. Can you imagine?

As you can see, I'm in the throes of follow-the-rulebook vs. live your life while meeting your child's needs. I know there is a happy medium.

On the positive side, Jay is just a mess of energy, smiles, and joy. I have a lead on some proofreading work from home and also began making some calls for a woman I meet through MOPS. If I pick up the proofreading job, I would have 3 little quarter-time jobs. I find this both amusing and a source of pride. If you ever watched "In Living Color" way back when, you'll know the skit that I'm relating too. I'm off to my 72nd job...

That's all the minutiae that's fit to print.

Sweet Dreams!

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