Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleep Update: Weekend Edition

Well, Jay was very ready to sleep on Saturday and Sunday night, but he was having serious abdominal pain. The little one's system was overloaded after being introduced to apple & banana baby food on top of rice cereal and his usual milk. We had to leave Sunday School early because he was having fits. Of course, he gives the nursery worker a huge smile once he's in Dad's arms.

Life has truly come full circle. My own parents have told me umpteen times about having to give me a glycerin stick you-know-where to encourage me to "cleanse my system". So, what do I reach for at CVS? You got it. I giggled at first, but now I can handle a suppository with the best of 'em! We had a little progress Sunday, but Jay didn't feel better until this afternoon. I'm really hoping it's smooth sailing tonight. I feel kinda weak and lethargic from so many times up and down last night. He honestly just woke up discomforted and feel back asleep quickly.

As for more things I didn't anticipate doing in the name of motherhood, I am making calls to schedule appointments for a financial advisor I meet in MOPS. Now it is not cold-calling, but I really have to dig my heels in to make these calls. I really understand that no one wants to be interrupted at home after a long day. I'm getting better and trying to talk very slowly. Also on the makin'-the-money-for-my-baby-and-home front, I got a response from the lead with the proofreading job. We will talk next week. This kind of work is right up my alley. Just me, my computer, and lots of grammar to correct!

Night night!

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Mommers said...

I just love our little Jaybird.