Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Storing it up...

Today we went to MOPS. First off, my preparation for these monthly meetings has drastically changed, which I find humorous. First month, I was up early, showered, feed and bathed Jay, makeup, wardrobe decisions, out the door in plenty of time. Month two: popped the casserole in the oven for the meeting (which I had prepped the night before, no less), and continued the pendulum swing of baby-mommy prep. This month?

After feeding Jay around 5:30 (he's sleeping beautifully without interruption, but I'm still holding out for at 10-7 sleepfest), I burrowed back in bed and A-train, to his credit, hung out with Jay as he prepared for work. Jay was back in bed with me for a feeding/mini-snooze when we finally began the day in earnest at 8 a.m. The meeting begins at 9:15, but since I now live in Middle Georgia, the commute of 10 minutes is nothing.

While Jay and I were well attired (well being him in an adorable hoodie jumper, me in jeans and a sweater that only had a few spit-up & coffee stains), no baths this morning! We made it in plenty of time and I really enjoyed myself.

I even saw another lady from my Sunday School at the meeting, which makes 4 of us that attend MOPS and my church! These women will be in the Thursday a.m. bible study that starts back up in January, which I plan on attending. Slow and steady makes the friend :).

Today as I was burping Jay, who has been going through some growing pains (i.e gas & constipation), he put his head on my shoulder and I said aloud, "This is going in my memory bank." An older friend told me that when she had her second child, she consciously paused to enjoy those first moments with her baby, as he would be her last. Even though I probably should write more in his baby book and have yet to paste in his ID tags and photos, I'm trying to heed the advice of this mom. These simple, ordinary moments really are so fleeting and cannot be duplicated. So I'm enjoying them!

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