Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Trip to Atlanta!

Progress this Friday- Siding is up, stairs are in

My friend and table hostess, DY


The ladies at our table

My Family

Jay and Grandma Dee

Breakfast at J Christopher's with the family... sooo good!

Jay and my friend, CLC

The pictures tell the story of the weekend. We left home Friday at noon with a brief stop to show AJ our house progress. We arrived in Atlanta only to discover that we had left our hanging clothes at home. We took Alex's grandma with us and her clothes FILLED the trunk! So we hit Kohls (oh, darn). Unfortunately, my car keeps having the same problem which we last fixed 6 months ago and it's popped up again. We've already fixed it before, so it's time to bit the bullet and think about a replacement, which is not great with all that's going on right now. However, we really could do a one car situation if we had to for a period of time. But A-train's scouring the web and paper ads so I'm sure we'll figure out something before the poor boy develops an ulcer. Thankfully, we just learned that his old employer let go the other agent in his company. Alex's position wasn't filled when he left. We could conceivably be a one income family without the income if we had not taken the job in Middle Georgia. This is a clear intervention of the Lord's provision in our lives and we are so thankful.
Anyway, Grandma, Aunt K and Dee enjoyed the Ladies Dinner. It was probably the best I've been to in terms of enjoyment. Kathy Tricolli was the entertainment and she was fantastic. Funny, genuine, and an wonderful talent. Lots of sniffling around the room!
We ran around Saturday running errands in the "big city" and seeing friends. Jay did fantastic considering he only took catnaps in the car and saw so many faces! When we returned home Saturday, I was so thankful for the simplicity of being home.
P.S. The decorated tables were noticeably scaled back. A centerpiece height restriction was enforced on the hostesses. There is this petite lady with a clipboard that monitors the tables as they are put together. Last year, she made a friend of my mine take down here centerpiece during the presentation. They don't kid around in the Baptist church! The tables were still beautiful this year.

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Mommers said...

Love the pictures. Great to see all the family!!! Jaybird is so blessed to have so many loving people around him.