Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taking a break

Jay can hold his bottle!

Great friends

Grandparents and Grandkids

Grandma and Jay tell stories

One of the guys


Grandpa and Jay

Requisite holiday bib shot

Merry Christmas!

I'm taking a moment away from the sheer exhilaration of laundry to jot down how we spent our Thanksgiving. It was a great holiday. I made a few dishes to bring, but managed to create a severe mess and didn't turn in until midnight. Everyone said they enjoyed the dishes, so I didn't mind. No cooking beats homemade holiday dishes. Or a leftover dinner of mashed potatoes and cake... which is what I had Thursday evening. Jay did incredibly well being surrounded by 16 other faces at Thanksgiving! He is cutting his lower teeth and must have chewed on every one's knuckles. The kid has a great immune system. No sicknesses (yet)!

I did a little shopping, though did not go commando warrior shopping Friday morning. It takes a special breed of woman. We did go one year just for the experience. However, we were up at various points in the wee hours due to our overstimulated baby in a new environment. We could've racked up some deals. Did you hear that a man was TRAMPLED TO DEATH by unrelenting crowds at a Wal-mart in New York? Insane. Some people tried to help him, but the frenzied masses kept coming, all to get their hands on some plastic toy or electronic that will probably be in the garbage in a few years. Um, glad I stayed home.

The most entertaining part of my weekend, as adolescent as it makes me, was watching Twilight. A-train, my brother-in-law, and his friend went with me and did their best not to burst out laughing at lines like: "You are my own personal heroin" or "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." I, however, actually clapped like a little girl and welcomed all my imaginary friends as they came to play their part in the story: Bella! Jacob! Edward!!!

The movie had a John Hughes "Pretty in Pink" feel at the beginning. Outsider (Bella) arrives at her high school in a beat up truck and aloof Adonis (Edward) looks on smoldering. Can we say Molly Ringwold and Andrew McCarthy?

Cinematically, the landscape of Washington State was amazing. There was enough action to entertain the males (a 'bad' vampire is gleefully destroyed). And of course, the male lead is CRAZY good looking as the tortured vampire who does not want to be a monster.

Loved it! Of course, as a Christian, I cannot endorse Bella's desire to give up mortality. But as a work of escapist romantic fiction, sign me up for the fan club.

This week is full of activity with my Christmas musical this weekend. We are having Jay's Christmas picture taken and my folks will be here this weekend.

Let the season begin!

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Jenny said...

HILLARIOUS Melissa! I read all three vampire books and I will probably watch the movie of Christmas, because, I too am a big nerd. It must be all the young adult fiction we had to read to teach...