Friday, February 27, 2009

Fitting In

Since Jay's been sick with an earache and an upset stomach due to the anti-biotics, I've stayed in with him this week. Today we were going to the MOPS consignment sale to help set-up, so I would get to be around peers. Even though I tutor during the week, I don't concern myself too much about what I wear or how my "look" is perceived. I only really care for church and my mom's group, MOPS. I mention all this to say that I was completely ridiculous getting ready to head out. I had a cute outfit for Jay thanks to Nana, but I also wanted to spurce up. I did look presentable already: jeans and a black tee. However, I tried on: a magenta top, a striped top, a black and creme blouse, a green top, both black and brown shoes, then khaki pants, then coral top, another coral top (wrinkled), then nicer jeans, back to the black and creme top and black shoes. Now, I did not deem this event "dressy", so I didn't opt for boots. Wouldn't want to seem like I was trying to hard. (Ha.)

Since being an independent adult, I have become more self assured in my looks and wardrobe. I like to look nice and presentable, but really do not obsess about fashion. So after my hiatus from seeing other women, it's comical that I tore up my closet to look nice for a bunch of moms decked out in jeans and tees. Like I was wearing this morning.

Anyway, in the same vein of fashion, I found 3 great buys at the kids' consignment sale. Two Ralph Lauren pants (with the tags on!) and a Ralph Lauren collared shirt for $19. I'm not too brand conscious, but I was pumped with my finds. Boy, a good sale brings out the killer instinct. I was able to shop early before the sale opened up the public. That would have been fun to watch.

Happy Friday!

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