Thursday, May 7, 2009


Since I get a little thrill every time a friend updates their blog, I thought I might do the same for "my" readers. What's the par-tay, you ask? Jay is turning 1 at the end of this month! We gonna celebrate and get down with our bad selves. Which means we'll eat cake and ice cream and watch Jay go nuts over presents and icing.

Did you ever watch the Sinbad comedy specials of the mid-90s? Sinbad does this one special on growing up in the 70s and the time he stays out all night to par-tay. He is riffing on "earning your beating". His mama is waitin' at the door which is cracked for him. She proclaims, "Come on in, the door is open. Mr. Party-All-the-Time, Party-All-the-Time. We all gonna party tonight."

It is one of my favorite quotable lines from my early teen years. I also like when the talks about deuce and a quarter (an old car) and Lionel Richie workin' the crowd with only one move as he sings "bein' wit you, bein' wit you..." Oh, and he lipsyncs to the Chilites "Have You Seen Her?" as he does his own choreography.
I guess you had to be there. Funny.

So, back to my own par-tay. First of all, there is a niche market for 1st birthdays. Birthday Express sent me a catalog. I got some great coupons from Publix, and a coupon from Babies R Us, too. So, anyway. I was torn over the theme. Women live for theme. I'm an English teacher, so I really live for theme. (Wanna know how to write a theme summary? Start this way: People often...")

Back to theme. I was looking for frogs, but there were none to be found. Should I do a "one" themed party, which was fully merchandised? Or break out and mix it up? I found some tropical "froggie" invitations, and bought lime green plates, cups, and napkins.
Here's the invite:
Jay's now a very demanding eater. If you are eating, so is he.

Whaddya lookin' at?
At our Sunday School Picnic


Anonymous said...

It is time for a PARTY. Cant wait to see that little one eat cake.

Laura and Boone said...

i laughed out loud at your "theme" obsession! i know exactly what you're talking about :) can't wait to see the birthday pics and i can't believe he's already 1!! he's a cutie!!

Natalie Mead said...

Well,Lessa yes I completly understand your Sinbad flashbacks. Let's just hope J-Man doesn't have to hear " Don't you RUUUUUN from me" too much