Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Woefully neglected...

This little blog has been neglected! I have finally recovered from the blowout that was Jaybird's 1st birthday. We had our picture made. We had a froggie cake. Out-of-town company. Enough presents to truly ruin the kid. A "This Is Your Life" Slideshow. It was a great day. I took a few snapshots, but the best were taken by the guests. Hint, hint. If you read this and you were a fellow birthday reveller, please send me an electronic copy of your best shots!

We are going on our first family of three vacation next week and I can't wait. We get to attend a wedding of a special friend (one of my favorite things) and go to the beach. We also get to visit Aunt Nat and Uncle James. I am also excited at the prospect of no dishes or laundry for a few days.

Jay is really getting big. He can crawls up a few stairs and pulls up wonderfully. He is not walking yet, but I'm not too concerned. He likes to stick his legs out of the crib and kick the wall. This morning, he seemed like he was saying "tickle, tickle" when I first picked him up. He says "mama" and "daddy" but not when you look at him. So I haven't counted it yet. The kid looks like he is a candidate for a mullet, so I'd better get him trimmed soon.

I'll try to to better with more updates... beach pictures soon!

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