Friday, August 21, 2009


I had a great 30th birthday. I could say a lot about it, but don't need to. I had a weekend filled with surprises. What made it very special was that my husband planned it far in advance-- booking a nice hotel, contacting friends, telling lots of stories so that I wouldn't be suspicious, even setting up a new email account for the birthday weekend.

What the weekend showed me was:

It doesn't matter if you are liked by many. It matters if you are loved (and I would say greatly loved) by a few.

It's nice to be liked. But it's on the surface-- typically because of what we are trying to project to win favor. But to be loved, just because, just because someone else finds something of worth in you, without your striving to attain their affection, that is completely humbling and truly precious.

Thank you to my sweet husband and father of my little boy and in-progress baby. And thank you to my parents, sister, extended family, and out-of-town friends who took the time to make me feel special.
So the next time I'm just doing something mundane and repetitive that I do every day, and feel like my life is insignificant, I've got a great memory to remind me of the opposite.


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Laura and Boone said...

your quote is a great reminder! happy belated birthday :)