Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a thought...

Each step of life brings its own lessons and insights. Lately, I've thought about learning to walk. Jay is walking and falling and getting up and exploring and loving his new freedom. Today we went to the library and I didn't put him in a stroller. It took a while, but I held his hand (sometimes his wrist) and we walked in together. Once inside, I'd let him break free for a moment and he wanted to go in every direction. Later on at home, he walked around the cul-de-sac while I watched him. He waved to our neighbor's house, expecting to see the two little kids who live there. He pushed a walking toy. He bent over, his jeans drooping and showing off his little plumber's crack.

It's a cliche that children can bring you the most happiness and pain in life. Today, I was brought the most ordinary moments of laughter and pride.

The insight that dawns on me as I learn how to parent a toddler is the long-suffering and patience and good humor of the Lord for his own children. Walking from point A to point B would be a lot easier for the parent if the child was being carried. But the child wouldn't learn or have anything to accomplish. And so it's true for believers.

Thank the Lord for his patience!

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