Thursday, October 22, 2009

NYC Pictures

Pictures from the trip! We had a great time, mostly just being together in a different place. We got a City Pass which gave us admittance to 4 museums, the Empire State Building, and the Circle Line Cruise Tour. We were so tired we skipped the Guggenheim. You could spend a month in Manhattan and not experience all the sites you wanted. A week was plenty of time though.

Honestly, the most relaxing part of the trip was renting a comedy and belly laughing in our hotel room! I did love attending worship service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. The music was so powerful, I had to hold back the tears during the rehearsal of their praise songs! The message was equally powerful.

No big shopping sprees, but we ate very well. We got Jay a little remote control dog from the big Toys R Us in Times Square and little Sarah got a princess dress from the World of Disney store.

Only regrets: couldn't get into see "The Rege" (we waited for stand by tickets at Regis and Kelly, but they book out 6 months in advance) and not seeing "Wicked"). The big shows like Wicked and Jersey Boys don't offer discount tickets. We put our names in for the lottery, but no dice. If I was still earning the big bucks (snark) as a full time teacher, I wouldn't have hestitated paying $300 for a pair. But not so.

We were so fortunate to have hotel points given to us and airline miles to off set the cost. We actually stayed in some pretty nice hotels. Our first hotel (The Barclays Intercontiental) had the Secret Service posted on every floor due the the proximity of the UN and the G20 being in town.

I would recommend staying in Times Square due to its proximity to shopping and Broadway. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square. Modern and very nice.

And I'd definitely recommend ordering big ticket shows in advance! And packing really good sneakers!

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