Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat?

Jay and Grandma
The three of us (plus my belly)


Jay and Daddy

At Elliott Farms

A little of both. We had grandparents in town, which is always nice. We enjoyed a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel (try the Apple Butter French Toast) and went to our church's Harvest Festival. Jay's still too little to play most games, but hey-- I got a funnel cake and a prerequisite Halloween ouftit photo of us.

The trick? Around 7 p.m. as I was lighting our jack-o-lantern, Jay opens his mouth and lets forth a mighty stream of yuckiness. Oh yes, projectile vomiting.

He seemed pretty unfazed by the proceedings, but was sick on the hour for most of the night, but at least was so exhausted that he went right back to sleep. I feel ill later that night and stayed in bed (when I wasn't running to the bathroom). I was glad that neither of us ran a fever. Alex got sick Monday. Of course, he was the most dramatic sickie of us all!

The crude is gone now, and hopefully Jay will work out this cough. Maybe we will all be able to attend church this weekend. I'll just keep my bubble in the car, just in case.

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