Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Funny little story:
I was giving Jay a bath in the a.m. last week, and since he knows how to climb out of the tub, I hauled him out as soon as possible and placed him on the floor.  He crawls off and finds his big stuffed teddy bear and gives it a kamikaki hug.  I dipe and dress him, and soon notice a big wet stain on the floor.  Then I check teddy.  Wet.  I can only Febreeze the carpet, but I'm able to fluff and fold ol' teddy.  Boys and their territory.

Jay is now in the 91st percentile for height and 85th for weight.  He is around 29 pounds.  He is cutting two more bottom front teeth and can't seem to shake a runny nose and cough.  No runny nose last Wednesday at the doc; wakes up with one on Thursday.  I guess it's the unpredictable weather.

Here's a picture from Thanksgiving weekend.  We went up to Dahlonega to see the Southern Living Idea House and took this picture near his Great Aunt's house site.

I'll include some pics from my sweet shower for Baby Sarah.  It was the bee's knees.  I have the best sister.

I'm gonna get a Santa picture and hopefully a family shot.  Trying to remember that Christmas is about the miracle of the incarnate Christ sent for man, not my need to document a faux perfect family in matching plaid!

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