Thursday, January 7, 2010


Jay and I played a game-  he runs and falls into my arms.  We "colored".  He spilled my drink on his shirt.  He knows where all snack items are kept.  His big boy bed is put together.  I took his baby pictures out of the nursery and hung a pink valence on the window.  We went to Sonny's and he ate fried okra.  He will only say 'Mommy' once in a blue moon.  But he takes after my love of okra.   10 days 'til baby Sarah is due. 

I'm in the push-pull of saying good-bye to Jay's babyhood and embracing his becoming a bigger boy.  He loves to say 'baby' and hug my belly.  He goes straight for Sarah's baby dolls if he can break into the room where her things are waiting to be put away.

The crib is being raised tomorrow and toddler bed experiments begin.  Change is a-comin'!

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