Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sarah's Stats

At Two Months:

23 1/4 inches long (83rd percentile)
10.4 pounds (1st percentile height to weight)

Tall and skinny!   Please don't worry Grandmas and Aunts.  She's fine!  I'll eat my Wheaties to bulk her up.

Taking her 2 month picture today if I can.  She had 6 shots/vaccines yesterday.  One was the Rotavirus, which is supposed to prevent dehydration if she gets a bad stomach bug, but also bothered her stomach last night.  So no picture in her cute overalls on her actual 2 month birthday.  No biggie.

We got to eat lunch today with a great girl and her kids from church.  So nice to have real conversation instead of a virtual one.

Hey, leave a comment today.   Would love to hear from you.

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