Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trial and Error

So, I've learned to do grocery shopping alone at night or early a.m. Saturday.  Had to learn the hard way that this also applies to any errands plural.  One stop errands are manageable-- we did Target for almost an hour last week and emerged unscathed.  Today, though, I had to make two quick stops.  Had to give Jay a cookie, my necklace, and watch to appease him.  He's not 100% (I eventually dragged my pillow to his bed last night because he kept waking up).  Fed Sarah in the car, but she was WAILING at the checkout line.  Those baby seats get so warm underneath their head. 

On the positive side: Sarah slept 10-6:30!  Wonderful especially with big brother up and down all night.  I also pulled out the bouncy activity seat.  Can't believe she's big enough for it.  Her spindly little legs almost touch the bottom.  Jay loves to play with the baby toys.  Have to make sure he doesn't slam her in the face with 'em!  3 month pics and bouncy seat pics to come.

I've just polished off some Doritos, so my nerves are somewhat soothed. 

Laundry: it's on.

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