Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day: From Me to You

A Mother’s Day Ditty

Bottle or breast?
You’ll be shamed if you veer once from mother’s best
Au natural or epidural?
Of pain, neither will cure all
Pacy or thumb?
All the decisions can make your mind numb
To work: at home, full-time or part
Each choice will tug at your heart

Then it’s rules, limits, and nos
You know how the story goes
A disapproving stare or a child’s meltdown
Frankly, a mom’s insecurity makes her feel like a clown
She can paint on a happy face and do some magic tricks
But the will of a child can never be quickly “fixed”

These silly rhymes are to express
What this new mom must confess
I want to be better, work harder, teach clearer
Because my precious children could not be dearer
So, please don’t judge me, or her, or us
For not doing it your way; don’t make a fuss
Just smile, dear observer, be you stranger or friend
Our wrongs only experience can mend

So, sweet mothers and mothers of the heart
What I should have said at the start:
Your love is our constant, our tether
When the struggles of life we must weather
I love you, each one
May the joy of your children warm you like the sun

(Yes, in these lines fromage you may smell,
But if they make you smile, then all’s well.)

Happy Mother’s Day, sweet friends!

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