Thursday, July 22, 2010


We went to the store today.  All three of us.  I have tried to do most grocerying after hours, but after dishes, cooking, clearing dishes, who wants to?

Today's grocerying actually went well.  I won't go so far as to say great, but I'm getting there.  Let me set the scene:

While baby is sleeping, I shower and dress in something respectable.  With a necklace.  Deodorant, too.  I washed my face, so I'll chalk that up to beauty care.  I feed baby, who is full from cereal, while making phone calls and printing out my grocery list.  I do scope out a coupon site,  but there's nothing I have to have.  Walk to car and realize I left baby seat inside.  This happens almost every day.  Buckle in toddler, get seat, go back for reusable bags.  Oh, yes I did.  I pull out the strollers so that we can have space for the nice bagger person to put the groceries in. 

Why do I attempt this? 

Because I'm going to PUBLIX.

Ah, Publix.  The mecca.  A place where a plebeian like myself doesn't always frequent.  Why today?

Because their customer service is worth a king's ransom.  Or in my case, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish that are not. on. sale.  But they are great pacifiers after the bakery cookie's done give out.  And those race car buggies.  Praise the Lord.

Here's a little tribute...

Publix, How I Love Thee

P is for personnel, and lanes that are staffed
U is for urbane; it's suave, chic
B is for BOGO, a couponer's claim to fame
L is for lifesavers: the cookies, the double coupons, the curbside service
I is for investment, both in money and in sanity
X is for the the kisses I'll blow to the lady who unpacked my cart

I don't have time to rhyme, but I hope this encapsulates my appreciation for this hallowed institution, known in my family as Aunt Publix.

And yes, Mom, I know it's in the genes.

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Laura and Boone said...

ok girl~ this had me crying from laughing :) i LOVE publix too~~i feel like i'm reuniting with a friend i haven't seen in years~ too funny!! :)