Monday, August 23, 2010

Mom Monday

I love the expressions in these last two shots.  Guileless. Sarah is now 7 months.  She has been sitting up since 5 months and seems on the verge of crawling.  Her first upper tooth has cut the surface in the last two weeks.  She is really babbling now, and making the 'da' sound.  She inhales her jar food and can pick up puffed rice with her fists. 

Jay has his open house tomorrow.  I say that owning up to the fact that I used to think preschool for children under the age of five was absurd.  I was wrong. Mea culpa.  Well, it is a luxury, and certainly he'd be just fine without it, but I'm really glad for him and for me. I look forward to him making some buddies and having a little world of his own.   He can count to 14, and recognizes some letters and  sings parts of the alphabet song.  He can recognize red,  green, blue, orange, and pink.  His most frequent sentences are: "I get the car,"  "Want it," and  "More Toy Story."  I'm working on scaling back the cartoons. It's hard! 

He remembers a lot more than I would imagine.  We've been to the car dealership 3 times this year for maintanience and he knows that there is a cart that should have popcorn.  There was none made this visit and he inquired about it no less than 50 times.  We pumped the snack machine with money twice.  We also checked out the Z370 convertible. 

That's the news from our homefront.

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Mary Taylor said...

Look at those adorable kids!