Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'll admit up front that this will be obnoxious and hypocritical.  Now, with this disclaimer in place, let me brag about my first foray into "saving more than you spend" CVSing.

My purchases:

Two Puffs brand tissue boxes at 99 cents each
One 12 count Charmin at 9.99 - 1.00 coupon
One 12 count Bounty Paper Towels at 12.99


7.99 rebate from prior purchase on Blink Tears
2.50 rebate from prior purchase on Glide floss
$4 off $20 purchase CVS coupon

Grand total: $10.94 out of pocket

But wait, there's more!  We earned $10 extra bucks from purchasing $25 in P&G products (the tissue, paper towels, and TP before coupons/rebates). Woot, woot. 

I get it now.  We also have another $4 off our next $20 purchase.

So... in essence we 'spent' .94 cents with the $10 extra bucks.  So we have $14 'bucks' to spend. :)   I don't mind spending $6 bucks for a whole bunch of stuff we consume.  Especially if with a rebate the item will be 'free'.  (I do realize that our level of consumption is sick compared with those people who live ANYWHERE outside the U.S., but I digress.)

I also did a BOGO on deordorant at Publix and with my $3 off 2 sticks, I paid .50 each!  I also got a free 3 pack of Pampers wipes with a value pack which I had a $3 coupon on.  I spent $17 for the 76 count Pamper pack with a 'free' 216 count wipe pack.  Yes, I do know how many wipes and dipes I'm getting.  This is serious.

Alex did this last week at CVS and got eye drops, Pampers, wipes, floss and with his CVS extra bucks and rebates he had to buy some candy because you can't be given money back!

Word.  Live and learn.  And don't knock those crazy couponers. 

I'm sorry, couponers.  I put my hand to my mouth and lower my head in penance.  I was wrong.

Coupons work for me.

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