Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Works for Me...

I haven't posted anything lately and I know all three of you missed me. :0 )  I have a friend who writes a funny blog Monday through Friday with each day on a theme.  So today,  I'll do a "Works For Me" Wednesday.  Maybe I can keep it up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The backstory:
Ever since I graced my first maternity store, I've been wearing a half camisole under my shirts because 1) most maternity tops are low cut and 2) everything expands during pregnancy.  The brand I found in the store, Noppies, is a European brand and about $30 for one camisole.  I haven't be able to find another similar camisole until NOW.  I've found that I still wear my camisole every. single. day. and its getting a little sad looking.  I think I will need extra 'help' with my underpinnings all the days of my life.  Here's my find.

The Bandini by Barely There, sold at Kohl's at about$ 16 for a two pack.  Comes in various colors (black and neutral are best) and though it is marketed as a alternative for your traditional support garment (SG), I highly recommend it in addition to said garment.  I think they are snug, so buy one size up for the recommend size on the package.  They run XS to XL.  I still have about 15 S.G.s that I need to burn because they are useless, but that's neither here nor there.

Secondly,  I made some delicious cheese and chocolate fondue for my birthday. Both are simple recipes.  The Gruyere cheese is a little high flutin', but the end result is worth it.  Oh, so good.  I ate the leftovers at breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next day.  Obviously, my wistfulness for toned arms is not a serious goal yet.

Since I'm on a roll, here's the sweet little preschool backpack I bought Jay.  I know.  He's two.  He's too young for a pencil pouch and protractor.  But if you've got to carry your own underpants, you might as well look good doing it.

Bras, fondue, and backpacks.  It's a good thing.


Laura and Boone said...

melissa~ if you wrote a book i would totally buy it!! only you can make camisoles funny :)

Natalie Mead said...

Yes the bra commentary with photo did make me laugh. I actually do remember having to make a bunny jug in school. So glad you're going to be writing more often. :)