Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Not You, It's Me

I pulled down my facebook profile last Thursday.  I'm not sure the etiquette regarding this, so I didn't make a big deal of time by informing anyone.  I did it just to pull away.  I like facebook, nothing inherently bad in it; I just felt a personal conviction to pull away from it for a time.  I've thought about doing it several times, but just did it.  I am doing a bible study by Beth Moore called "Breaking Free" and the first several lessons review how the kings of Isaiah's time lost God's blessing because they continued to allow sacrifice to be given to other gods on the "high places". 

Please don't think I'm being falsely spiritual or preachy.  For me, my 'profile' is a high place that needs to be brought down.   When it's not, then maybe it can go back up.  Believe me, I miss reading about what others are doing.  But I don't think it is healthy for ME, no judgment on anyone else. I think a false picture of reality is presented on such sites.  None of us are always smiling, happy, LOLing, etc.

And yes, this blog is self-serving.   But if you are reading it, you chose to and you are probably family.  And you'd miss my unique viewpoint on life, right?

Please don't consider my absence a rejection.  Like it said, it's me.

Sending you a transcendental BFF necklace and lots of hugs,


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