Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh, no I di-n't

But I did.  I took a picture of my grocery store deals.  Next thing you know I'll be ironing a teddy bear applique circa 1989 onto a white sweatshirt and bringing out the jingle bell necklace.  (Anyone?  That was the cool thing to wear in 5th grade).

I am a little pumped with my deals.  They are:

2 boxes of Barilla Whole Wheat pasta, BOGO .64 cents each minus a $1 off two = .14 cents each
2 boxes of General Mills Cereal, BOGO, 1.99 each minus a $1 off two = 1.50 each
5 packages of Kraft cheese (block or shredded) on sale for $2 each minus $5 off five items plus a .75 cents off three items Target coupon= 4.25 for 5 or .85 cents each
Nature's Own 12 Grain Bread BOGO for 1.57 minus .75 cents off coupon= .82 cents
Wheat Thins for 2.50 minus $1 off= $1.50
Marie's Cole Slaw Dressing (a secret for making really good slaw), $2 minus $1 coupon= $1
Savings in Coupons: $10.50
Publix Sale Price Savings: $15.13
Grand Total Out of Pocket: $11.65 spent on 12 items

I saved more than I spent. Woot!  Now I will get the rest of my week's groceries from Kroger and hope to come in at $50 or under.  We'll see.

I printed most of the coupons off and read up on the specials via the Coupon Savings Game for this week's Publix deals.  Publix will accept a competitor's coupon within 5 miles of the store, so I was able to use the Target coupon with another manufacturer's coupon.

Okay, here's the obnoxious picture.  I was thinking I should ask my sis to bring down her sewing machine over Christmas and give me a tutorial.  Help.  I'm becoming precious.


Laura and Boone said...

eeeeeeeeewww the teddy bear applique!! what were we thinking!?!?!

Natalie Mead said...

ahh I miss Melissa when I hear "oh no she didn't" Yes I remember the teddy bear applique fondly. We were super cool. You even had a watermelon t-shirt with the 3-D puffy paint on it oh yes.

Jaybird said...
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Jaybird said...

I'm glad such beautiful women will own up to rockin' the applique!