Saturday, October 23, 2010

Update? Yes, yes.

1.  Sarah can now pull herself up in her crib.  I can't believe it.  She can also climb up on the fireplace hearth.  I decided after she bonked her head that it'd be a good time to bring back the body pillow for the fireplace and the gate to the stairs.  Poor second child.

2. Jeremiah never needs to condition his hair.  I found him yesterday in his room glistening from the thick hand cream I use for his dry skin ALL over his face, in his hair, on the wall, on his bedposts, on his bedspread.  As we Campbells say, you don't eat it, you put it on your head...

3. Sarah feed me a Cheerio yesterday.  She's sweet. 

4.  All the coloring pages and projects that Jeremiah 'worked' on at preschool get sent home every week.   He did a finger painting page with chocolate pudding.  His teacher attached a note with what he said during the activity: "Mmmm, tastes like cookies!"  He has a wonderful teacher and is always so happy there.  When I pick him up, I'll call his name and he'll repeat "Jeremiah! Jeremiah!"

5. He is such a mimic and repeats everything.  He'll repeat "love you" and knows to ask for a hug when he's in trouble.  When Dad puts him in time out, you'd think the sun had stopped shining.  Sometimes he'll recite foods: "Tomatoes. Carrots. Hamburger. Chicken."  Or commands: "Stopit. Stopit. Stopit."  In the morning, the first thing he'll say some days (completely monotone) is "Toy Story.  Yes, yes, yes.  Toy Story. Yes, yes, yes."  Or later in the day, "Please candy. Yes, yes."

6. Jeremiah will pick at sliced up apples, but eat a whole one down to the core.  Just thought that deserved remembering.

Here they are in action:

 Our third year at the fair!

Completely spontaneous sibling affection!

J's very conditioned hair after 2 washes

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