Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thank You

For My Mamaw, Kathryn Shiflet Campbell
October 30, 1926- November 14, 2010

Thank you for making me a Barbie birthday cake.  For keeping each one of your grandchildren for a week over the summer.  For the 'fancy' dress baby doll you made each girl.  For making a mixture of Tang, lemonade, and powdered tea into a grown-up treat.  And stack cookies.  For helping with my 7th grade memory project.  For taking me to Maggie Valley.  For giving me that little bride doll that sat in your china cabinet. For making my wedding veil.  For delighting in my children.  For loving me. 

My grandma had probably the strongest will of anyone I have ever met.  She  fought Stage 4 cancer for 5 years, living far beyond what anyone would have thought possible.  I think she made up her mind that she would see her 84th birthday, and trusted God with the rest.  She sat up in her living room, blew out her candles, and two week later, passed away at home on a Sunday morning.  I cannot be sad because I know her faith has been made sight.  I am sad for the traditions that will end.  I am sad that I won't have ties to her physical home.  I am sad that she will not see my children grow and they will not see her.  Sad for me.  Assured for her-- enjoying the pleasure of her Master.

I love you, Mamaw!  I'm proud to be your grandchild.

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Natalie Mead said...

Loved this :) Thanks for writing :) I remember the 7th grade project.