Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grocery Store Angst

It all started well.  I made a list, selected my coupons and put them in a little envelope.  Made a trip back to the car to fetch my reusable bags.  I put the kids in the race car buggy, secured the bakery cookies, and began to troll the aisles.  I felt oh-so-virtuous as I placed my 10 mega deals in the reusable bag as instructed by Jenny of Southern Savers.  The lady in front of me in line was an employee and chatted with the checker, so I was able to dump everything out on the conveyor belt and get the cart empty.  And then I realized.

My coupon envelope was gone.  Let's all pause to regroup.

I frantically searched my coat pockets, my purse, my reusable bags, the store circulars in the buggy seat.  It's gone.  My carefully matched coupons.  I throw place Jeremiah in the cart because he is grabbing all the candy bars and pay up.  Once back in the car,  I proceed to have a little hissy fit about my blunder.  I lost about $12 dollars in coupons.  Maybe some nice mom needing $3 off formula or .75 cents off Almond milk will find it.

When we got home, I took a picture of the grocery store aftermath.

There's always cookies.  Which I did buy.  With a .55 cent peel off coupon. 

I feel better.

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