Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yoo Hoo

Anyone else had their fill of George Michael's "Last Christmas" and John Lennon's "War is Over"?   Those seem like the only two songs I hear in the car. I really like the Classical  and Swingin' Christmas channels on Pandora, however.

We've pulled out the Christmas boxes and I've decorated the dining room.  We are attending the WR Christmas parade, our church musical, and a company dinner this weekend.   I've stocked up on sugar cookie mix and chocolate chips in hopes of baking for Christmas.  We are trying to start some family Christmas traditions this year.  I unpacked the Nativity scene and explained the story to Jeremiah.  He really likes the baby Jesus figure and the lamb. 

Sarah is climbing. the. STAIRS.  She's 10 1/2 months!   She is so happy and such a joy.  We had Christmas pictures taken of both kids, so be on the lookout for them to pop up in your mail.  I'll post them after the cards are out.  Wouldn't want to ruin the anticipation!

Oh, and I BOGO'd today. I seriously get this slightly frantic rush while sorting and scouring for the coupons to match the deal. You know I took an obnoxious picture. I had about $15 in coupons, and with the sales prices, saved $44 and spent about $21. Great deals on Beech Nut baby food: 17 cents per jar with BOGO and coupons. Check out Southern Savers under the Publix tab for links to the coupons and best BOGO deals.

Here's an assortment of photos:

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