Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Call Me A Snot, But...

1. I think statuary/yard art is tacky.

2.  I think cars belong in the garage.

3. And trash cans should be out of sight.

4.  I think tummies should stay covered.

5.  I think spending hundreds of dollars on a handbag is ridiculous.

6.  I think using one's phone during a meeting of any kind is rude.

7. I don't get monograms and stick figures on cars.  But that's just me.

8.  I can be judgemental.

9.  I'm female.

10.  I'm working on the judgemental part.

11. I'd never say this to anyone's face.

12.  Blogs are kinda passive-agressive.  And I can be, too.

13. But fun. And snarky.  (Me and the blog).  :)

The End.

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