Friday, January 21, 2011

Thoughts on Life and Grocery Story Aisles

1. I am so excited that my parents will be here in a few minutes to celebrate Sarah's birthday!

2.  Pimentos are never where they should be in the store-- by the pickles and olives.  Olives stuffed with pimentos.  But no pimentos.  I like pimentos.  I really like homemade pimento cheese.  Consider this a PSA.

3.  Jeremiah took a 2 hour nap yesterday in his bed.  Without fuss. 

4.  Jeremiah woke up at 3 a.m. and Alex had to spend 45 minutes in his room.

5.  Jeremiah was flipping through this little book called "Jesus and Me" that we have read almost daily for a year and proclaimed, "Jesus is Love."  That's the last line of the book.  If he's getting that, we are gonna make it through this stage!

6.  I am beginning to understand why mothers can overspend on their girls.  It's wish fufillment.  I almost was suckered into buying a Princess Castle bedroom and Princess Belle for Sarah.  It's 3+.  She already has two baby Belles, so I think she'll (and I'll) wait.  I did get her a play tiara and bubble wand, as is fitting her status.

Yea!  I am thankful for the little things today.


Jennie said...

~Is Belle your absolute favorite? (Mine too.)
~Happy Belated to your beautiful Sarah!
~So where are pimentos in the grocery store? And I like pimento cheese, but have never made it myself. I just buy it the tub (which is not available in MD).

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