Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time In A Bottle...

My sweet baby girl turns one in a week.   Last January, our Sunday School class had a marriage conference and we are going through marriage topics again this year.  I feel like we were just preparing to go the hospital.  And now she's taken her first steps just this Friday.  She's just gotten her front two teeth.  She's saying "uh oh".  Pointing.  Waving.  Being a total spitfire.  The child has more baby dolls than you can shake a stick at.  Several options for her birthday party outfit.  May even have a wardrobe change midway through her Princess Belle party.  Ah, time.  Just can't stop it.  And I guess I wouldn't really want to. 

There are first days of school.  Recitals, hopefully.  Cute boys on the playground.   Just the right outfit.  Doing the mall crawl.  Girl Scouts.  Disney World.  Boy bands.  Crushes.  Dances.  Sleepovers.  Memorizing lines to cheesy girl movies.  Best friends.  Barbies.  Childhood.

I can't wait.  It makes those hard days of missed naps, achy teeth, poopy diapers, and crying jags worth it.

All my love to sweet Sarah Anne.  Your mama and daddy love you.  

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