Tuesday, March 15, 2011

P-Dub Redux



BFF (with a book plug!)

I saw/meet/became BFF (for 1.75 minutes) with Ree Drummond, the self proclaimed Pioneer Woman at her book signing at the Borders store in Buckhead, GA.  I have followed her blog since seeing it linked on a friend's (hi Lara!) blog.  PW chronicles her life on her family's ranch and she's just my kind of weird.  Witty, authentic, talented, smart, fun, and just plain rad.

My friend Denise and I got down to the Borders at 4 p.m. to get our wristbands.  We were in the fifth group to be admitted to the line.  We made it down in plenty of time and were able to check out Filene's basement.  We tried on prom dresses and I actually bought an inexpensive navy mini-dress with tasteful faux bedding on the scoop neckline.  With strappy silver shoes, I looked pretty darn good, tummy bulge and all.  Almost smokin', if I may say so.  I admit it: I have a pretty healthy body image.  I couldn't handle any more insecurities!

We get back to the store and piddle around the cafe until P-Dub takes the mic to welcome the crowd.  Her husband, the Marbolo Man (MM) is there with their two sons, all clad in boots and cowboy hats.  The man truly must be heroic, because the flocks of slightly manic women wanting my signature and picture would spook me.  Plus, his wife (PW) is always extolling his Wranglers.  I would worry that some zealous fan would want to check him out a little too closely.  But PW must be more secure than I am, mini-dress and all.

Denise and I wait in the long line that snakes in and out of the humor, HTML, and photography aisles.  We exchange PW tidbits with the two ladies in front of us.  When we are about in the last aisle before our PW encounter, I notice that she has a fan pointed toward her.  I am in the throes of a dry cough/snotty nose/sweating moment and am trying to keep my composure after standing in line for two hours.  I mention to the ladies that PW has written about her sudden sweat spells when she gets very nervous, notably right before her wedding.  And PW hears me!  Kindred spirits, I tell you.

We make our way up to Ree, who is as gracious and lovely as her writing.  She comments on my kids' baby pictures, encourages Denise as she prepares to homeschool, signs her book and smiles for our picture.

On our way home, we even manage to find a La Madeleine in Sandy Springs, where I inhale a Chicken Friand with Mushroom Sauce.  A PW day from beginning to end.  Fashion, foibles, and food.

As Ree would say, The End and Amen,


Jennie said...

AWESOME! Beginning, middle, and end!

And let me just say (perhaps inappropriately) that I think your healthy body image makes you THAT much more smokin'. Because you are! ;)

Jaybird said...

Thanks Jennie! I yam what I yam as Popeye would say! Senidng the blog love right back at you!