Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pimp My Ride

Taurus Edition. Awww, yeah.

Be ironic and rock a vanity plate.  It says "I'm educated.  I'm smart enough to drive a used car.  It's my choice!"

It fits nicely in the garage, which is nice for those of us with depth perception limitations.

Customizable!  Window decals say "I'm too classy for bumper stickers, but I belong, too!"

Optional entertainment center!

Holds two large car seats!

Drive this and you too can watch "Toy Story" every day around town!  Quote obscure lines in conversation!

See that toy car on the middle seat?  Mom, you can squeeze yourself in there on car trips to quiet the natives!

12 programmable radio stations- AM and FM.

Plays cassette tapes. Now you can play those old Boyz II Men singles!  Let's Don't Wait Til the Water Runs Dry...

Window Shades optional.  Nothing says "I have children and boy, do I like it!" like this shade.

Convinced, yet?  Ditch the payments and you too can act your wage!


Jaybird said...

We are not selling this car! Just following up on my previous post about selling the new van we couldn't afford and buying (in cash) a car we could. One day this car will be Alex's and we'll pay cash for a used van.

Laura and Boone said...

girl...about 10 years ago i needed to learn a heap of humility in pretty much the most difficult time of my life. i needed a car badly then, and I picked up an old, GOLD taurus, and thanked God for it.
>side note...your pics and comments were hilarious!! you're an inspiration!<

Natalie Mead said...

As I also rock the cassette player, you can find a selection of quality cassette tapes at Amazon.com :)