Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kid Code & Verbal Shorthand

Here's ours:

Youngs' Kid Code

I. Movie Code
 A. TS (Toy Story)
 1. Tee Stees (Jeremiah's pronunciation)

B. Squeakquel (Alvin and the Chipmunks)
  1. Toby!!!
  2. The Chips

C. Finding Nemo
  1. Goldfish?

D.   Quotable Quotations
1. Bad Cheese! (AATC)
2. Mater's Greater (Cars)

II. Jeremiah-isms
1. Red dirt.
3. Baby's sweepin'!!! (screamed upon any cry from Sister)
4. Stinky sweet.

III. Sarah's Utterances
1. Bwubbles.  Bwubbles.
2. Gabba gabba gap!
3. MaaaMaaa!  (How darest you leave me in someone else's care?)
4. Dada!  (He's so cute.  When does he get home?  'Cause you are boring me.)

IV. Food & Drink
1. Tea, tea? (any colored water)
2. Cerul? (cereal)
3. Yummy popcorn?
4.  Ham-bur-ger?  (Upon passing any McDonalds)
5. Pete-zza!
6. Choco-wat milk.

(Sidenote: I think I've just made a speech pattern discovery.  Jeremiah really cannot pronounce the letter 'L' in the middle of a word unless blended with another consonant.)

V. Mommy & Daddy

1. Dipes and wipes
2. Stinky Butt (a game and a nickname)
 a. Stinky Feet (a derivative of Stinky Butt)
3. The Sylvan Swap  (trading kids when Mom tutors)
4. The Crazies
5.  Children of the Corn

We would love to add to our parent lexicon.  Please share yours!

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Heather said...

Miles' pronounces all "L's" like "W's"