Sunday, July 17, 2011


I wrote this a few months ago thinking about our anniversary, which is today.  We got to watch the last HP movie this weekend, and he got me a spa day.  Boy did good.

Although it is more than 3 months away, I feel like celebrating our seventh anniversary today. Even though it's not the first or tenth or twenty-fifth, it feels more significant this year. Like we have something to celebrate. We've lived some life. Won and lost. Laughed and cried. And laughed again.

This year has been the hardest for me, and I would say for our marriage. The pressure of providing monetarily, physically, spiritually and emotionally for a family is too much to bear without a loving spouse. I think we both put our heads down and plowed through and are now breathing some fresh air. And all I can say is it is God. His love in my heart. For Him, for Alex, and for our family. He is the Healer.

I know that last paragraph sounds melodramatic. Please take me at my word and believe it is not. There have been no visible demons to slay. No infidelities, deaths, or outward crises-- Praise God. Just life. Its stresses and hardships and disappointments and fears. That's enough in itself to face. So I'm just happy. He's brought me a "mighty long way; that's why I love Him."

We are not special or unique or worth praising. I am sharing this because my heart is full and it needs to overflow in thanks. And so, I've been running montage in my mind. Got the perfect song picked out, too.

If I had a jazz quartet playing at my beck and call today, and a fabulous dress to wear, here's what I'd have them play.

"'Cause in my mind, we can conquer the world/ in love/
You &I/ You & I/ You & I...."
(Listen here to Michael Buble's version)

Love to my husband today. If you ever decide to run away from home, I'm grabbing my purse and coming with you!

4/19/11 for 7/17/11

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