Thursday, June 9, 2011

There's Roper at the Movies...

And then there's me.  Let's call this "Lis on Netflix while doing Laundry".  Satellite TV is gone for now, and we're back to Streaming Netflix.  It's cool.  Tons of Veggie Tales shows, sitcoms, and movies instantly.  I watched The Young Victoria in parts yesterday amid laundry during naps (Sarah's nap, Jeremiah's enforced 'quiet' time) and really enjoyed it.  I knew of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, but the movie makes me want to read about them.  The movie might even mildly interest your adult male because of the political strategizing and an assignation attempt--blood!   The love story between the two royals is obviously highly romanticized, but based on the Queen's real journal entries and prolonged mourning of her husband (she lived 40 years as a widow and had his clothes laid out every morning in his memory).  So sweet.

Ladies, go get this from Redbox or Netflix.  It's entertaining, funny, and interesting.  The married royals do kiss in their jammies a bit, but there's no objectionable content.  I was finishing up the movie while the kids were snacking, so I began to get nervous with the jammie scene, but it was just jammies with a hug and kiss, then "Good morning, wife" from Albert to Victoria. 

While I'm on my critic bent, let me recommend The Middle on ABC.  It's about a traditional family who are off-beat, but they actually like each other.  The episode last night was the parents taking back the house and not catering to their children's every whim.  So funny.  Anyone who is on board for traditional parenting (as in you are the adult and therefore the expert in your home, not a book by a child psychologist) will be amused.

The Young Victoria Poster

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