Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recovering Matchy-Matcher Seeks Input

Lovers of Stacy & Clinton, lend me your wisdom.  I am thrilled to be having our pictures made soon, and need some help.  Here's my concern:  I wanted to use what we having right now without making too many purchases, so I decided on navy and creme.  I went to Target today to get a creme sweater dress for Sarah and in my deliberations, saw one in PINK.  With a bow headband.  All bets were off.  Got it.  So, then I had to re-think things.  I picked up a light tan sweater for J, and have a light tan one for Alex, too. But,  I still like  the navy/creme best... can I be daring add pink, too? 

I spent about 45 minutes arranging clothes on the floor for this little hanger fashion show... I hope you are amused.  I don't know why I'm overthinking this.  It must be from watching "Clueless" too much in my formative years. 

What say you? (And be sweet.)

 Male Option 1: Navy vest/creme polo/ khakis and navy sweater/khakis

Male Option 2: Chocolate Brown pants/wheat colored sweater with tan/blue collar and brown pants/tan sweater/brown/blue collar
 Girls' Outfits: Creme sweater, jeans, pink flats (j'adore), and pink pearl necklace and Pink sweater dress (Pretty convinced about these... love 'em)

Family Hanger shot

I know it would be easier to rock matching Christmas sweaters, but I did say I was a recovering matcher.  Still hope to snag a picture of the kids in their Christmas best, though.

Thanks for playing!  (And think warm thoughts Friday... I don't want us to freeze outside!)

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