Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Claymation Realization

I was watching a claymation movie, The Miracle Maker, as I did a last ditch clean-up before Christmas Eve.  I put it on for the kids, but kept stopping the vacuum and getting pulled into the story.  The movie tells the story of Jesus' life.  In one portion of the movie,  the narrative flashes back to the time Jesus was tempted during his 40 day fast.  The movie illustrates the devil taking Christ up to look down at the earthly splendor that could be his if he denied God. For every twisted Scripture the devil used, Jesus rebutted.

This came to me as clear as day, so I know I didn't think it up on my own:

If the SON OF GOD  used Scripture to fight against fear and temptation, who am i not to?

Making Scripture a more active part of my life is the first real New Year's resolution/goal I've ever kept.  I posted 24 Scriptures last year in an effort to memorize Scripture.  I will be reciting 10 in a few weeks as part of the Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration in Houston, TX.

The Scriptures I recorded and recited this year are a record of my year.  I have hidden them in my heart and spoke them out.  I have USED them!

I participated in this group not because of my spiritual maturity, but because I NEEDED to.  I continue to need a renewed mind and a steadfast spirit.  When I recite those verses it in a few weeks, it won't be an exercise in piety.  I will be an exercise of pure joy!  God's Word is powerful.  It has fought many battles for me in 2011.

I look forward to sharing all about my Siesta trip!

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