Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My trip to Siestaville

Life doesn't stop even when you take a break, and I've been running since returning from my weekend in Houston two weeks ago. I promised you some highlights, and here they are:

1) I am competent! I'm used to having someone to watch out for me, for which I am very grateful, but it is a nice feeling to navigate traveling solo.

2) Food. Anything you don't cook yourself is automatically delicious. Airport pizza, hotel omelets, and a fancy South American lunch were equally delicious.

3. Sister time. Nat and I got our nails done, tersely navigated the confusing streets of suburban Houston, and quizzed each other on our memory verses. We wore our matching tees and boas. We were together for 48 solid hours and we enjoyed it!

4. Meeting Siestas. Siesta really means sister in our blog community. About 900 ladies attended the celebration for learning 24 verses. The celebration was put on by Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministries. We met new friends in the mall, hotel, and airport. Siestas know siestas.

5. Beth!!! Her teaching did not disappoint. She is 'just darling' to echo her praise for others. I think she is so effective because she really loves others. You can't fake that. She taught from 2 John and her charge to us was to TAKE BACK any God-given ground that we have lost to the enemy. I can't capture all the wisdom she shared on this little summary, but she is the real deal. (And she, like many of the siestas, had the cutest outfit.)

Here are a few snapshots:

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