Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thinking in 140 Characters or Less

I've been mentally 'status updating' a lot this week. I don't know if social media has made us more or less creative, but maybe it's made me at least succinct.  

We have no obligations with Winter Break.  It's so nice not to rush out the door.  Since we are together a bit more, here's what I've noticed.

Pithy Observations on Life

1. Any day you can spend a majority of your morning in a bathrobe is a good one.

2. My daughter is an Eddie Haskell.

3.  Sarah has discovered Barbie.  And beaten her up, chewed her poms poms, and eaten her shoes.

4.  Any electronic device with a slot is a piggy bank for children.

5.  I realized like my kids.  (I love them, but I like them, too.)

I hope this has left you edified and uplifted. You're welcome. ;)

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