Friday, June 8, 2012

A Budding Conversationalist

Sarah is quite the chatterbox these days.  Before I forget, here are some of her favorite sayings:

"Come here, Mom!"

"Sit down, now! (as she points her finger down... she hears this one from me a lot)

"Where's brother?"

"I naked!!!!" (as she runs out of the bathtub)

"It's's working?"  (any toy that's out of batteries or not working as expected)

"I can do it!" (as she climbs the bunk bed ladder)

"T REX!"  (She loves Dinosaur Train, and we look through a Seek and Find book each day with the characters)

The girl is just something.  In the last month, she has smeared Vaseline on the bathroom walls, colored the carpet with crayon, and will chew anything.  The girl is part beaver.  Her crib rails are gnawed to the bare wood.

I'm not sure which parent she will face off with more as she grows.  She is very stubborn and resistant to discipline.  She crosses her arms and avoids your gaze when you are reprimanding her.  She will say "sorry" but all the time-outs and fanny spankings I could give her cannot make her say "Yes, Mommy" when I try to get her to agree her actions are wrong.  Hmmm.

That said, she is such a delight.  So full of life and fun.  So dramatic, such a  little girl. She makes the cutest gestures.   Definitely her own little person with a will and point of view.  Free with her kisses and gives the best fierce hugs. 

I wouldn't change her-- most of the time.  What a joy she is.  My beautiful big girl.

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