Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet Jeremiah

Let me start by saying:


Releasing my story into the sometimes mean realm of social media left me both hopeful for unexpected connections and anxious, bracing myself for critical inquiries.  I received 100 percent of the former, which is a lesson in itself about expecting the best in others and pure grace.

I promised you more of our next steps, and I'm so eager to get there!  Tomorrow, we begin the forward march--RDI and the phenomenal support system we've found.  However, I can't neglect the star of this show for one more minute: Jeremiah!

Here's a get-to-know-you on all his favorites...

Cereal: Frosted Mini Wheats or Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

Beverage: Milk, milk, milk.  I'm kinda the milk Nazi... eat that (any fresh fruit or actual food product) or no milk for you!

Food: Berries, Bananas, Corn, Bread, Goldfish

Movie: The Chipmunk Trilogy.  Forever and ever, Amen.

Activites: Singing, Swinging outside, Taking a walk to "the rocks" in our neighborhood, going anywhere with Dad (namely CVS or donut runs), Monkey Joe's, playing "tickle hand" with Dad, pouring water/making chocolate milk, I-phone flashcards & games, getting picked up, crashed, or flown; bedtime prayers

Memories: Mickey's House, the Macon Children's museum, Zoo Atlanta

Quirks: (perserverations if we're getting techincal, but hey, my kid likes it, even though I may want to hide in the pantry and cover my ears after it's been repeated for the 100th time that day)
Closing doors and cabinets, ringing doorbells, throwing rocks (not at people!), spinning/manipulating anything that makes noise, crashing on his knees, chewing his fingers

Dislikes: All grooming except using his electric toothbrush, changes in routine

Accomplishments this school year: pushing himself on a skateboard 45 ft. in OT (when he start out at 0), making the down and across motion correctly with a crayon, correct pencil grip, saying hello and goodbye to his teachers (sometimes unprompted!), requesting to use the restroom (okay, only once so far, but this is HUGE-- and no accidents and in undies every day at school!), counting to 50, identifying shapes correctly, even ones I didn't know, like a rhombus, riding the bus successfully, walking up the stairs with proper gait, riding a tricycle-finally!, and most of all speaking more in sentences and engaging me in a give and take.

The flawless, 2 carat diamond soliatre (in an heirloom setting, naturally) of accomplishments:
Asking to play with Mommy and Daddy.  As if he could sense it, today he asked me to play a game, push him on the swings, make chocolate milk together and I added playing piggy bank and getting the mail.  I attribute this solely to the work we are doing in our engagements that I will talk in detail about tomorrow.

Until then, here's a true glimpse of the Jay Boy.

See why he lights up my world?

Want to help?  Go here and sign a petition to help bring about not just awareness, but action in getting specialized autism therapies covered by insurance, such as the RDI program that we are working so diligently on with J.  It is not covered by insurance.  And it is vital.

It's the Climb. Not just a Miley song... the content of tomorrow's post!  C'mon back!

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