Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Standing in the Need

Some really cool stuff is happening in my life!  I feel like some tangible blessings have fallen in my lap, not because I asked for them, but because the Lord just delighting in me.  I hope that doesn't sound 'braggy', but I'm feeling very loved by God!  He's opening my eyes more to how he is working, probably because I just need Him.  I need divine power, insight, direction, strength, everything.

With all this in mind, I'm gonna go ahead and ask for a few things of Him, and a couple I'd like to share with you.  I've had the privilege of asking others to pray with me about Jeremiah and our family, and in turn, felt the need to pray for those encouragers in kind.

So, would you pray for me?

April 30th is J's placement meeting for schooling next year.  It should be a relatively low-key meeting.  His teacher already told me the school she is recommending and the best fit in terms of a teacher.  Our local school does not have Special Ed. Kindergarten, so J will be going to another school.  Though it's a bit of a bummer to not be at the local school, the options are excellent and our county has high marks for their elementary schools.  Would you pray that:
  • We select the best school for Jeremiah.
  •  His teacher will have a true understanding of autism, and a passion for teaching.
  • For our summer, that I will use the time to "bank" many enriching engagements with Jeremiah.
  • Perhaps, down the road, as we gain confidence with our RDI program and the progress we are seeing, that I could even step in and take over J's schooling for a time to accelerate him. This is a new dream that scares and excites me, but I know NO ONE will be as committed as me to see my son grow. I would never have thought it possible or even wanted to do this but for J's needs.  I still have lots to think about, and surely don't want to do something to satisfy my own need for praise or approval.  And I don't want to not do it because I'm worried what others might think. I want to do what the Lord wants, what's best for J, what's best for the family and I pray all those things line up!
  • I will make and cherish special times with Sarah and Rachel separately and together.
  • I will just lap up every sweet moment with Rachel and not worry a bit about her development. She's in that "life rocks!" phase of excitement and I'm like "she's waving her arms in the bouncer... is that a stim or just happiness?"  I don't want to miss anything or filter a moment through worry.
Could I pray for you?  I will, too.  Email me or if we're buds, text me.  Let's go all in.  I've been studing the book of James on and off for a while now, and it's just hitting everything in my life-- words, trials, what loving others means, prayer, healing.  It's hits 'em all.  So let's pray, "for the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16 NKJV).  Or even better: "The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with" (The Message)

To be reckoned by God--astounding!


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Missy said...

Will be praying for you Melissa! Those are great prayer requests and I know the Lord will be so faithful in answering them because he truly hears and cares about the prayers of the righteous. It brings so much glory to him. Love you!

Jaybird said...

Just say this... thank you Malo and Missy! That means so much to me. I love you both. Such true friends.