Friday, May 31, 2013

Eating Raisins: My Daughter's Approach to Living Life

As I've mentioned in earlier posts about J's therapy approach, we take a lot of video at home, capturing little activties designed to foster emotional connection with him and build his compentence and confidence. I was playing back this clip of us making oatmeal raisin cookies together with Sarah.  I love how video captures something that went unnoticed in the moment.  Here's 45 seconds of my daughter enjoying life.  It's hilarious.

Here's a picture of Jeremiah's 5th birthday.  I threw out the dog and pony show this year, and did a simple dinner and ice cream for us.

The elusive "perfect family picture" continues to evade me. It's my unicorn.  But here we are, looking somewhat at the camera. As well as well attired.  Because that's what really matters, am I right, ladies?

Happy Friday.  Go eat your raisins.


Emily said...

haha!! I loved that video! at the end, she like "mom, why do you keep putting the raisens in that BIG BOWL...geez." she a cutie pie!!

Dawn said...

I just love how you totally didn't notice anything until watching it back on video! I wonder how many such moments I have missed! I need to get a nanny-cam up in here!

Jaybird said...

Glad I''m not the only one who finds that clip funny, Emily! I'm so serious in the clip, it doesn't register.

Dawn, thanks for reading!