Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Home Life & Peep Toe High Heels

Here's some riveting recap of our day-to-day of late:

Be Careful What You Wish For...  I was recently sympathizing with an old neighbor who had sold his motorcycle but got the better end of the deal by marrying his wife and later, welcoming their son.  I retorted that with each child we add to the family, the lowlier Alex's car becomes.  He was driving this cute, new Celica when we were dating; my first gift when we were dating was an audio sermon from Dave Ramsey who eshews new cars and payments and was becoming a household name.  From new Celica to '95 Civic with 200,000 plus miles and white spray paint to cover the chipping car enamel. Well, that faithful car kept me and Sarah safe on the way home from errands a few days before Thanksgiving.  We were plowed into by a thankfully compact car driving without its light on (and a driver with suspended license) and spun into the shoulder.  A fireman was on scene and witnessed the wreck, Sarah was unscathed from our "adventure" and we got a very generous check from the other driver's insurance.  Homeboy is now driving a 2008 Prius that he's been eyeing for awhile but couldn't justify.  We had just upgraded our car seats in that car for the proper weight restraint for each child and the car was hit on the opposite side of Sarah's seat.  That'll remind you in a New York minute that your days are not your own and life in not a random series of events.

3 close peas in a Prius pod

Sleep Cycles and Upticks
October and November threw us all back into the crazy cycle as Jay's sleep cycle regressed.  Add a fall and bruised nose (it checked out fine) to the mix and you've got some cheerful adults.  We are getting back on track sleep wise with J sleeping without interruption (or at least not several interuptions) and the boy is killing it lately in terms of his progress in direction following and showing what he knows.  His OT coached him to write "Christmas Tree" and draw the correct shapes to make a Christmas picture.  I rarely keep kid 'art' long term but he made it himself!  Each letter!  So we are jumping right in there and I'm having him trace the sentences we are reading ("I like my Dad" "I see my dog").  He's been making his numbers and shapes correctly for a while now but he is now able to start taking direction on the size of the letters to make words.  It's a step, but it makes me SO PROUD!  He's learning to read and write just like any other Kindergartner. WOOT!

He can read this!

    A keeper

Mama's Dancing Shoes
My 3 inch kitten heel, peep toe black suede pumps (with sequins, you understand) came out of the closet early this year!  They usually only see the light of day for the annual company party, but they got sprung early for my dear friend's bachelorette party.  We were like, so wild, and made it home by 1 a.m.  You know you're a wild thing when you reference having to make it home to teach 4s choir Sunday evening. And your dear friend "outs" you as a mom of 3 who homeschools.  Mani-pedis and an evening in Virgina Highlands? Oh, I do that all the time.  When I'm not in rushing to the Chik-Fil-A bathroom to avoid an INCIDENT.  In all sincerity, it was such a wonderful reminder of what marriage can be and how blessed we are when the right person enters our life. My friend remarked that dating her now-fiance was easy in light of past dating relationships.  He doesn't leave when there is a disagreement.  He is safe and trustworthy.  He makes her feel secure and special.  He took efforts to surprise and honor her for their engagement.  He loves her and he loves the Lord.  Marriage will be hard, but courtship should be easy!  If I could give advice to unmarried women, it would be this.  If there is strife before a commitment has been made, you are under no obligation to stick it out!  Trust that you are worth something better than second best.  It really is out there.  My sweet friend waited, and she was rewarded!  So, so happy to see this marriage begin a few days before Christmas.


The Girls
Rachel is all-out walking in stride and so flat-out beautiful it kills me. I love toddlerhood.  Sarah is my side-kick and keeps us laughing.  She's a pistol. 

Case in point:

Alex:  "I'm gonna bust a cap, fool."
Sarah, without missing a beat: "Don't bust a cap, fool."
This interchange was right before our Advent storytime. 

We laughed like crazy and Christmas hymns were playing in the background and it was a moment you just can't capture. Which says it all to me.

Wishing you unexpected moments this Christmas.


Emily said...

Loved everything about this post! :) (except that car accident of course! - but what fun, a *new* car!)

Jaybird said...

Thanks for reading, Emily!

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anita thakur said...

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