Monday, January 13, 2014

Not So Much with the Tender Moments

Ohhhhkay. Downton Abbey, episode 2, Season 4.

If last week's episode reminded us of the good in humanity, this one was quick to point out the darkness.

If you haven't watched this episode and want to get into the series, I'd skip it.

I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the house being filled with guests and seeing Lady Mary smile again.  Edith's gentleman friend found a way to make himself useful to Lord Grantham.

The darkness I referred to is the assault on the housemaid, Anna, the kindest and most sincere character on the show.  And while I understand that characters must go through trials and that the show is always reminding us that the fantasy of the upper class being isolated from life's realities is sputtering, it was hard to see.  Obviously, we viewers are emotionally invested in Anna, making her victimization all the more cruel.

So I understand that the writer/creator of the show, Julian Fellows is an artiste and must allow life to happen in his world. But I really don't want to deal with life at 9 p.m. on Sunday.  I want happy.  I can handle war and death and unexpected pregnancy and petty jealousies-- yes.    But not evil.

The incident was handled off-screen, but still powerfully horrific.  Anna's cries and screams could be heard as the renowned opera star sung an aura dedicated to love.

The English major in me appreciates the contrast, but it really filled me with dread.

I hate that this character in particular has to face the fall-out of such violence.  Like Mary losing her husband and the good he saw in her, Anna will inevitably lose her some of her faith in others.

And I don't like that.

It's masterful writing.  It's true to life.

Unfortunately, we will in a sin-sick world.  Even beautifully gilded fictional ones like Downton Abbey.


Oh, can we talk about our homegirl, Edna?  SIMMER DOWN.  And don't slip Tom a mickey in his drink.  Also, Tom?  Haven't we covered the whole "I'm an outsider" bit?  Remember when Mrs. Hughes bucked you up with her speech?  That you belong?

Say it with me: "You're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like you." Especially a particular lady's maid.

Please, please don't get entangled and become Edna's baby daddy.  That would be all kinds of awkward.  Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.


If you watched, are you in for the rest of the season?  I'm still in.  I'm guessing they'll have to bring back some levity after such a heavy beginning.

Til next Sunday...

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