Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sherlock & Downton: Besties Go To Claires For A BFF necklace & Don't Cross Bates

Ah, TV.  You're a giver.  I overindulged in my addiction of choice (as opposed to copious chocolate eating) Sunday night, starting with the Grammys, a bit of rapid tweeting with friends, then onto Downton, thinking an extra hour up was totally justifable, then inevitably, sitting through the 2 hour Sherlock telling myself I'd stop at midnight. Riiight.  In all fairness, I caught up on my rest the night before thanks to a super helpful stomach bug.  It all evens out.

This format of the last two Sherlock installments has been very different.  The Sign of Three split its focus between John's wedding day and several unsolved cases that end up being related. And of course last week's episode focused on Sherlock dealing with reaquiting himself with his old life while solving keeping Parliment from blowing up.

More importantly, Sherlock is really quite likeable.  And I'm not sure if I don't like the abrassive Sherlock more.  The Best Man's speech?  How he really didn't understand important things like love and beauty and commitment and John did?  I think he mists over at one point. How he solved murders but John saved lives?  And putting John and Mary's happiness over his need for routine?  Awesome, but where do we go from here?  Also, he seemed a tad disappointed that the maid of honor found a guy to dance with and didn't need him to sniff out a man for her anymore.

I'm all in for the last in the series and I'm sure I'll have to rewatch all 3 to stave off the Sherlock sized hole in my entertainment schedule.

Onto Downton...

This week's episode felt like a placeholder to move the series along.  The gist:  Lord Grantham helped a landowner keep his farm.  More guys are into Lady Mary.  Tom wonders if he should go to America to give his daughter a better start, though I doubt he will. I felt like they were just giving the character something to say.  Violet thinks a new gardener stole her letter opener (yawn).  And the Doctor and Isobel are so going to happen.  Downstairs, Alfred tested for an opportunity to become a trained chef and narrowly missed, pleasing Daisy who really likes him.  Thomas continues to be oily and brings in a friend to turn the other staff around to liking him. Bates learned the truth about Anna's attack and is quietly planning his revenge (he's scary).

The last Sherlock and the next Downton resume February 2nd.  For some more blogging fun, head over the the Pioneer Woman's blog under Entertainment for BigMama and BooMama's take on the respective series.

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