Monday, January 20, 2014

Sherlock Recap: The Empty Hearse

I won't go into a play by play because I do have a bit of a life and responsibilities, plus a great one can be found here.  My impression:

*Completely satisfying overall.

* Sherlock comes back as a quasi-leading man.  He's always so curt and dismissive,  but upon rising from the faux ashes, he's debonair, dashing, kissing Molly (!), and playing jokes on Watson.  I guessing tracking down terror cells gives you time to miss your friends.  And get buff.  Dude has guns in the opening sequence as he's being tortured.

* Sherlock has a "mind palace" similar to the brainy character from Community.  I've not read Doyle's short stories, so I must assume Community is paying homage to Holmes.

*Sherlock has very normal parents!  Mycroft is the smarter of the two!  And Sherlock points out that Mycroft's own shortcoming is his isolation, his loneliness.  Might Sherlock be open to a companion, dare I say a romantic entanglement, especially since Watson is to be married?  Prolly not, but they do like to tease us.

*Didn't you love how Sherlock congratulates Molly on her engagement?  He's always belittled her crush on him.  It was nice.

And on to Downton:

*A succinct plot summary can be found here.

* Love the friendship of equals between Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson.  Her giving him that framed picture of his long-forgotten sweetheart.  I wonder if their relationship will remain just that or ever move beyond.  Mr. Carson reminds me of the main character in The Remains of the Day who chooses being married to service rather that taking a chance on his own life.  I'd love to see Carson move out of the shadow of the Great House and live for himself.

*Speaking of Mrs. Hughes, she's kinda like a Big Momma.  Everyone runs to her skirts, even the former hot-head, Tom.  Didn't you love her dressing down Edna?  Girlfriend told her.  Two snaps, Mrs. Hughes.  Don't leave the door hit ya, Edna.  Though I daresay (as Mrs. Hughes would say) that the trollop will make a reappearance, make no mistake.

*Ah, Mary.  Ever the beauty.  Her new love, Lord Gillingham, is lovely.  (I sound like Andie McDowell from Four Weddings and a Funeral.   I have watched way, way too much television in my life).  When he says she'll be in his prayers always, after having turned down his proposal? SWOON.  That is romance, young people.

*Edith "as obvious as a bucket," according to Mary, crosses the point of no return with her not-quite fianc√©, Gregson.  Sisters, Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters. Her aunt warns her that though times have changed, not everything does.  I think the guy is on the up-and-up.  Her character seems destined for disappointment, but I hope they cut her a break and don't make this man some double agent or swindler.  He seems fairly noble. Aside from putting her in an awkward position and cheating on his wife.  Details.

Did you enjoy last night?  Any predictions for Sherlock or  Downton Abbey?

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